A Five Year Old’s Top Four

So I have this cousin and he’s a bit odd. Keep that in mind as you read this very short post.


He’s only just five and is starting to read for himself, but he’s always been read to since he was a baby. He’s also been into a variety of books over the years that he has been able to make his opinions clear and he loves to get excited and enthusiastic about books and reading. He’s loved Julia Donaldson in the past (he still does of course, she’s fabulous!) but now the books which are read to him are longer and more complex.

The funniest books, in his opinion, is the entirety of the Winnie The Pooh collection (A.A Milne), because he enjoys the differences in characters as well as the humour.

The best book to read to his sister (2years old) is Peepo! by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. He says it makes her laugh which makes him laugh and he likes to see her laugh hysterically. Also it’s her favourite book too!

His favourite books to read himself are the Paw Patrol “Step Into Reading” series which uses simple words to teach children phonics. When asked which was his favourite, he replied with an emphatic All of them!” so he loves them all equally. I’ve heard him read these out loud and they’re great for using small words to create an interesting story which I’m sure is difficult! He loves them because he clearly loves the TV series and there’s a book for each character with different stories too. The ones he has came in a small cardboard box for them to be kept in which makes it easy to keep them all together because it’s obvious when one’s missing.

However, his favourite book ever is Daisy Eat Your Peas by Kes Gray. He says he likes it because it’s funny and he reads it regularly. It’s also his favourite book to read before bed time as well as his favourite ever. His favourite line in the whole book is apparently ‘”I don’t like peas” said Daisy’. He said he likes to join in on the lines he knows and knowing him, I’m sure he becomes quite enthusiastic reading it!


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