How to cope with school/college

I’ve always hated school because there’s so much hidden competition and the students are pretty much put against each other in lessons that aren’t taught in sets. Because of that, there are bullies and people feeling inadequate or thick because they can’t quite keep up or because they always get a few marks less than the person next to them. However, it’s time for everyone to go back to education and there are a few easy ways to get through the school year without a mental breakdown…

First off, remember it’s just a year until the summer holidays. That’s 190 school days. That will go so quickly if you force yourself to not let yourself get down about school. Force yourself to have fun and do not wallow! Listen to music in breaks, be around friends, read a book and just do anything you can to enjoy it. Make your work exciting and interesting by using colours to revise/take notes, doodle a picture which helps the notes to make sense. A stress ball or something else which you can fiddle with to distract yourself in lessons, may also be useful. I used a tangle and I also had a couple stress balls given to me so they helped to distract myself from where I was and to just focus on the learning. If you can’t see a year being short, do it week by week.

Secondly, remember there are so many other people just as stuck as you are. If it’s year nine and you need to pick GCSEs, remember that everyone is thinking this is a big deal and everyone’s worried about picking the wrong ones but it honestly doesn’t matter..the only necessary ones are maths, English and science and they’re compulsory so the rest don’t matter really. If you’re taking GCSEs, remember that everyone is worried about messing them up, even the people who seem not to care in classes. I saw people who had never done a single piece of homework and who barely came to lessons, have melt downs because they thought they’d failed their maths GCSE. It affects everyone, and if you put the work in over the whole year, you’ll do as well as you can do so there’s no need to worry about that. And if you’re choosing/doing A levels, then you should know that by this point, everyone is worried about their future and the people who didn’t try in school are realising they won’t be able to be a lawyer or a doctor, whereas the people who did the best they could are realising they could be anything they want. And if not, if you didn’t do as well as you expected, there are still plenty of things you can do.

My course only needed 5 A*-C grades (including maths and science) but if I got the highest grade possible, I’d have a distinction* which is roughly equivalent to 4 A* A levels. This course could lead on to me working in a guide dog training centre, animal rehab centre, animal behaviour work, vet nursing, wildlife research, grooming or even farming as well as many more. It’s important to look at where you actually want to be eventually before choosing a course at this stage. If I’d done sciences, it would be much harder for me to get an animal job because I wouldn’t have practical experience. So, sometimes BTECs are better for your future.

Bullying is a harsh thing to happen to anyone but unfortunately it does happen (really only in high school, rather than college). It’s not easy to deal with and can seriously damage some people, but there are ways to deal with it although they’re the things everyone knows to do but are too afraid to. You could make it boring (if it’s verbal) by just not reacting and ignoring it because then they’ll move onto something else that’s fun for them. If it’s physical, of course you can stand up to them but only if you won’t get hurt yourself and if you don’t swap it to you bullying them. The best option is to tell a teacher you trust and you know will do something to stop it. If it carries on after that, tell them again. It’s important that it’s stopped and the bully is only getting what they deserve so do not let them make you feel bad for it.

High school doesn’t last very long and after that, your life starts to form with college course choices, jobs and you will start to realise what you actually want from life. After high school, it’ll all be fine.


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