Charity Fun Day

11111111111111111111111111111111111111As I mentioned before, my family’s part of a Facebook group/charity which helps to raise the status of sighthounds as pets rather than as just hunting companions/racers which is often what they’re expected to be used for. We got our first lurcher in 2011 and we’ve been asked if we ‘work’ or ‘race’ him more times than I can count by strangers on walks who see his lean body and well-toned muscles and assume he’s not a pet. This is why the group is needed and makes a difference.

FB_IMG_1471155686674On August 14th 2016, we held a fundraising fun day to raise money to send to other charities who need the money for vets’ bills, rehoming costs, transport costs and feed etc for the time they spend in kennels. Wait until the end to see how much we actually raised…

Me and my younger sister held a treat-baking competition called “The Greyt British Bark-Off” and we had a few entries but not very many, so next year we plan to spread the word a bit more and maybe make it a bit more appealing with a cake category possibly. Our stand raised about £30 (I think it was £31.50) because we also sold homemade dog treats.

There was20160814_111441 a lot of variety; raffles, dog portrait artists, tombolas, a dog 20160814_143557show, a ‘have a go’ agility course, food stalls, sausage bobbing and lots of things to buy! I bought a nice blue collar and a blue tag collar for Hunter from the Pink FlFB_IMG_1471285786926uffy Kitty Boutique ( which he obviously loves because he looks so handsome in them!


Hunter’s friends, Hector and Coco, came too and it was even Coco’s 7th birthday so we made her a liver birthday cake and gave her a badge, so here is a photo of her wearing it/eating her cake…

I even ca111111111111111111111111111111ught a venonat before the show started, so it was a good day from the start! After the fun day, after selling cakes, dog coats, bandanas, badges, kids’ membership packs, t-shirts/hoodies and a lot more too, we managed to raise £2000 and it’s still counting as people continue to buy the t-shirts etc!

We beat last year’s total raised, and next year we hope to beat this year’s! If you’re interested in the group, search “Leicester Sighthounds” on Facebook and the page should pop up!


Photo credit: Hartstone Photography


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