Our Trip To The Beach (Furry Friday #2)

20160918_123323Well haven’t our little bunch had a wonderful month indeed! They’ve been on plenty of interesting walks, met some new friends and had a lot of fun overall, but the highlight was their trip to Brancaster beach (England)!

They went with some friends and although Hunter doesn’t often appreciate the joys of the beach, he still had a lot of fun! Jessie always loves the beach; sand to dig in and water to splash in, what more could a pesky terrier want?!

So what did they get up to? Well, Jessie dug a lot and rubbed her face all over the sand…Hunter ran around and attacked a lot of seaweed like some kind of monster and Shadow climbed and dug a lot of holes too! There were a lot of zoomies and a lot of charging about across the beach, and we even saw some seals!

Our squad’s friends had lots of fun too! Coco got covered in sand and enjoyed splashing around in the water, Hector had a good lie-down in the pools and looked very smug whilst doing it and an elderly greyhound called Lucy found a new wave of energy and flew around the beach like she was a puppy!

At the end, we all had ice creams (including the dogs!) but I wasn’t quick enough with my camera so there are no photos of dogs enjoying ice cream, sorry about that!

We’ll see you next month with the third Furry Friday!

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