October Favourites 2016

This month it got even colder! Hooray! I’ve enjoyed a lot of indoor things and a lot of cosy things too!


First off I have been absolutely loving this electric oil diffuser from Amazon (Aroma Diffuser) because it’s so easy to use and, obviously depending on the oils you use, smells amazing! It’s so pretty at night too because it glows different colours, and it will also automatically turn itself off once it’s run out of water so that it doesn’t overheat etc.

My favourite book this month was probably Am I Normal Yet? (Holly Bourne) but I read so many it’s hard to choose. But this one was definitely amazing and I loved it a lot. It shows OCD so honestly and there’s obviously been so much research (or own knowledge) which has gone into it; it’s just a beautifully written book. You can read my review here: Review: Am I Normal Yet? (Holly Bourne).

The CD I’ve listened to most is actually Red by Taylor Swift because I’m a huge swiftie and honestly I don’t usually enjoy Red so much but lately it’s the majority of what I’ve listened to!

I have loved Lush! I was given a gift set for my birthday which had a fantastic soap in it (Honey I Washed The Kids) and I also bought two bubble bars and a bath bomb! I bought the Nevermind The Ballistics bath bomb (smells amazing, can’t wait to use it!), the Magic Wand bubble bar (smells like Snow Fairy which isn’t everyone’s favourite but I love it!) and the Comforter bubble bar which is a long-term favourite of mine and the only thing from Lush I’ve bought more than once!

Another thing I’ve enjoyed this month is Schwarzkopf hair dye since I dyed my hair purple for the colder months and their Mystic Violet shade was amazing. It covered every strand of my previously-pink hair, evenly despite the fact it wasn’t particularly even before. It’s a nice, dark shade and I’m very impressed that I only needed one box of it when I needed two when I used their pink shade.

Anyway, see you next month for a possibly longer Favourites post!

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