He’s An Agility Champion! (Furry Friday #3)

So this month was the month of the long-awaited agility fun day at our training club and we decided to go along for some fun and to see what would happen! Well, a lot did happen but it was a very good d



ay and we all enjoyed it!

Hunter has been doing agility for a while but he’s a lurcher and in case any of you don’t know, lurchers aren’t exactly known for their agility skills; in fact they’re known for getting overexcited by the agility and doing laps of the field. Hunter is a prime example of this and will do this every single time we go to agility, however by the end of the session he’s focused and having fun actually doing agility. For this reason, we were put into the “pre-beginners” group for people with loopy lurchers like mine and people who had been doing agility for less than a year.


We entered two classes; “jumping” and “helter-skelter”. Jumping consists of a lot of jumps (shocker) in a relatively simple arrangement, and there were a couple of tunnels thrown in too, while helter-skelter is the same but more complicated and has more twists and turns to the course which means it takes more thought and careful planning.

The first class we did was jumping and we did quite well; he was actually focused and did the course perfectly first time. I was so impressed because in his class there are about 8 dogs, but at the fun day there were around 40 but he didn’t get distracted or over-excited! We weren’t quick, mostly because it’s very hard to keep up with a dog bred for speed so there’s a lot of running over a jump then coming back to check on me, but we didn’t get any faults and we did it cleanly with no incidents.

We had to wait for our next class which was of course the last class of the day so we killed time watching his friends and eating chips. By the time our class came around, he had spent a lot of time lying down so he’d built up some energy.

The helter-skelter was more complicated so I had to really think and by the time I let go of him and told him to do the first jump, he had become over-excited…He ran to the judge and then ran along the fence separating the rings and just as I caught his attention, the worst thing possible happened…Another dog slipped its lead and ran into the ring with him! Naturally, Hunter forgot about me calling him and ran around with his new friend until I managed to corner him at the back of the field and brought him back. Of course the dog’s owner was sorry, and the judge let us start again but no one got hurt so it could’ve been a lot worse! Once we’d restarted, he was still very over-excited what with the drama, so this run was a lot less smooth! It was still fault-free, but it was very slow because he kept running off and running around the field and back to me to do the next obstacle (honestly it was quite funny when I thought about it afterwards, but at the time it was quite embarrassing) . The judges were both lurcher owners though so appreciated my struggle!

For the jumping class, there had been roughly 20 competitors at our level, but for helter-skelter many had gone home so there were only 3 of us, meaning we’d come third! However, when they called out third, it wasn’t our names called! We’d somehow beaten someone and we came second! It was amazing and I was so happy because I had honestly worked so hard in that specific class to keep him focused and with me so I was thrilled! Then they announced the jumping winners and we’d come second in that too! It was a miracle and purely because of his speed! It made me wonder how well we’d do if he could stay focused and I could run faster!


All in all, it was an amazing day and I’m so proud of my little lunatic for doing so well, not only in the ring but out of the ring; he just lay down the whole time and didn’t bother any other dogs to play with him. I really didn’t think we’d ever win anything and I’m so happy we did because it just proves we can do it!

I will see you next month with November’s Furry Friday!


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