Review: Sunny Side Up (Holly Smale)

file_000-5Title: Sunny Side Up (A Geek Girl Special)

Author: Holly Smale

Publisher: Harper Collins

Genre: Contemporary

Release: Out now!

Which animal is similar to this book? I already reviewed the Geek Girl series altogether (you can see it here: Review: Geek Girl series (Holly Smale) and I compared the whole series to a young giraffe, but I don’t like to repeat comparisons so this time, I’m comparing it to a swan. Harriet, despite all her issues, is a model and quite a good one considering her steady stream of jobs and the reputation she has. In this way, the similarity is the grace they both share; a swan glides across the water in a balanced and elegant way, just as a model floats along a catwalk in impossibly high heels (seriously, how?). However, have you ever seen a swan take off on water? It flaps its wings firmly and smacks the water loudly with each stroke; it looks clumsy and messy, but it gets the job done. It flies, it can fly very well, it’s just the actual take-off which looks messy. Harriet does some silly things and she often appears clumsy but most of the time, she ends up okay. Harriet = swan.

The blurb says: Harriet Manners knows MANY facts. But none of them are going to help her survive Paris Fashion Week…

A short blurb, but if you know Geek Girl, you don’t need anymore details to know it’s going to be hilarious, eventful and probably emotional. The story follows Harriet through various modelling jobs around Paris Fashion Week, and in true Harriet-style, the excitement becomes a bit too much for her of course. With Harriet’s blinded optimism, what could possibly go wrong? Unless your answer to that was “literally everything”, you are wrong…

I love each and every one of the Geek Girl books; they’re just beautifully written, hilarious and so witty. People have films they watch when they’re ill; I have Geek Girl. It’s the first series I ever properly obsessed over, and one of the reasons I got into blogging; I know everyone knows the series is amazing but I wanted to say it out loud publicly and maybe let other girls find it the way I did.

I think it’s a good series for young girls to read because Harriet’s a bit of a social mess, she has friends who accept and love her so in the end, it almost doesn’t matter 20160804_163103at all. Sunny Side Up is a beautiful display of Harriet’s optimism and I love that there’s a bonus story from Nick’s perspective of the first time him and Harriet met! It’s a lovely moment and made me want to reread the whole series again!

I love every Geek Girl book, so of course, 10 out of 10 paw prints! I can’t wait to read the final book in the series (although I’m slightly heartbroken it’s ending so I’m really hoping Holly Smale writes new books I can enjoy…).

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