National Pet Show 2016

So, being an Animal Management student means I have a desire to go to animal-related events, and also gives me a legitimate reason: education! I went to Crufts last year (which was fab, you should go if you have the chance!) and when I heard about the National Pet Show earlier in September, I badly wanted to go!

First off, there were some really interesting stands, about things like cat care (of which I know nothing), wildcat conservation and also (my personal favourite name) The Fancy Rat Society. I liked learning about their views, the facts they had to offer and the ways in which they were telling me I could get involved. There were also a lot of food stands for dogs and cats, each claiming to be the best, handing out free samples with the promise of curing our dogs of any and every problem they may have…As well as that, there were stands selling essentially animal merch; pillows, keyrings and mugs, along with accessories sucfile_000-10h as leads, collars and cute little bandannas. If I was a frivolous spender, I would have bought so much for my dogs; it was just all so beautiful! Some were pretty standard stalls with shelves tables, but some went all out and made it look absolutely beautiful; for example, the Guru Pet Foods stand was stunning. It was themed to be natural and outdoorsy, with bales of hay used as chairs, grass on the floor and a lovely old-fashioned feel to the decor. I just had to take a photo…


Another big selling point of the National Pet Show is the area where you can meet animals…of course, file_000-8my favourite was the dog area, where we met some gorgeous staffies, a wolfdog (*insert heart eyes emoji*), some dalmatians, a couple Manchester terriers and so many more…We also met cats (they were cute and fluffy but I’m awful with cat breeds being a dog person, so forgive me, I was more excited about dogs), but there were also donkeys, alpacas, reptiles, parrots, chickens, ferrets and rabbits. It was great to see them all being fed/petted and loving life!

There were also shows like a staffie display (showing they’re cute and clever, not aggressive), a guide dogs file_007display, heelwork to music, agility and even a show of dogs in the media showing how they’re trained for TV.


I personally loved it, and if you get the chance, you should definitely go because it’s not expensfile_000-9ive to go, everything’s fun and relaxed, it’s all animal people so they’re nice, it’s really interesting and if nothing else, it’s nice to stroke a load of animals! The only downside was I felt as tired as this greyhound (her name is Judy if you were wondering) looks…



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