Matching Music to Books – Top Four

I like reading and I like music. Sometimes I listen to music while I read. Sometimes I’ll be listening to music, thinking ‘did they write this song after reading this book?’. In my head, everything has different groups and everything can link up in weird little ways so I figured I’d share some of those weird little ways with you…enjoy!

The 100 (Kass Morgan) and The Pretty Reckless. I don’t actually know anyone who’s heard of this band, butfile_000-12 the lead singer is Taylor Momsen (Jenny from Gossip Girl, and ironically Cindy Loo from The Grinch). They’re a kinda rock/grunge band and they’re very dark and a lot of their music is about revenge/sins/not obeying rules and I think The 100 is similar in the way that the kids are all criminals in some way, they all want to get back at the government and they all end up fighting and generally being very aggressive and violent.

Geek Girl (Holly Smale) and Taylor Swift. I’m a huge swiftie and a huge Geek Girl fan so there’s the first link. But also, Taylor is beautiful but oh so incredibly clumsy; the amount of times she’s fallen over in public, despite the fact that she can dance in heels (how??) is astonishing. She’s also not afraid to laugh at file_001herself, and not scared to stand up for herself. Harriet Manners is clumsy, beautiful and a funny individual who can also laugh at herself and sometimes defend herself. Taylor’s songs are also very well-written and witty, with puns, rhymes and rhythms and lovely wording/descriptions of feelings. The Geek Girl series is beautifully written, clever and depicts everything in a way that’s easy to understand and relate to whilst still being emotional because of the way every feeling is described.

file_002Heartless (Marissa Meyer) and Panic! At The Disco. One of my favourite books with my favourite band; how fitting. Not only that, but these are both absolutely insane. Heartless is set in Wonderland and so is weird as hell (in a very good way; I honestly did love it!) and Panic! used to be/kind of still is a very weird band. If you actually listen to the words(especially in the first couple albums, although it creeps into a few songs later on), the lyrics are so strange and mainly about sex, but also just don’t make a whole lot of sense until you look at deeper meanings etc. I do love Brendon Urie but he isn’t half insane. Both the book and band are crazy but in good ways.

Only Ever Yours (Louise O’Neill) and Fall Out Boy. I haven’t read Asking For It but I want to a lot, and I know roughly what it’s about so I think this links too, but Only Ever Yours addresses issues such as body image, anorexia, eating disorders and sfile_003elf confidence, as well as misogyny and sexism. These are important and not talked about enough, but are somehow controversial as if people want to ignore that they exist. Fall Out Boy (in their earlier albums) discussed issues such as depression, anxiety, suicide attempts, self-help and other mental illnesses not talked about enough and when they are talked about, it’s often made pretty or more appealing so it doesn’t scare people. Their songs talked about the less pretty aspects and how it isn’t just crying in the shower and how it doesn’t just affect women. I think all these issues should be talked about more, and have less of a taboo on them, which is why they’re linked in my head.

Have you thought of any links between music and books? Feel free to leave a comment or tweet me (@furrybookshelf), I’d love to know what you think!


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