British Books Challenge 2017


I’ve decided to sign up for the British Books Challenge…This means reading twelve books by British authors throughout 2017! My blogging’s been quite non-existent for a while, so this should motivate me to write/read more! I love supporting British writers and I loved events like YALC and the UKYA/MG extravaganza in past years, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find books I’ll love and enjoy!

The books I’m thinking of for the challenge at the moment are:

  • Wing Jones (Katherine Webber) – Wing Jones
  • Frozen Charlotte (Alex Bell)
  • Unconventional (Maggie Harcourt)
  • Lying About Last Summer (Sue Wallman)
  • Sunny Side Up (Holly Smale)
  • Girl Online: Going Solo (Zoe Sugg)
  • Songs About A Girl (Chris Russell)
  • How Hard Can Love Be? (Holly Bourne)
  • The One Memory of Flora Banks (Emily Barr) – The One Memory Of Flora Banks
  • Silence is Goldfish (Annabel Pitcher)
  • Good Me Bad Me (Ali Land)
  • Paper Butterflies (Lisa Heathfield)
  • All Of The Above (Juno Dawson) – All Of The Above

Good luck to everyone attempting this, it’s my first challenge so who knows how/when it’ll end for me, but I shall try! Thanks to Tales of Yesterday for hosting it this year, I can’t wait to see if I manage it!


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