New Years Resolutions For A More Positive Outlook On Life

This past year hasn’t been fabulous for me; assignments coming out my ears, a job that didn’t last, anxiety, OCD-related problems and stress brought on by myself. I’ve decided that this year will be better and this’ll start with me having a better attitude and coping mechanisms. I put together a short list of five New Years Resolutions to help me do this, and I thought I’d share them with you, in case you wanted some inspiration too.

  1. Blog regularly. Tweet. Talk to people. Don’t be afraid of what people may say because if the worst happens, you can delete the stupid tweet, apologise and if need be, block whoever isn’t being kind. I’ve let my blogging go, forgetting to blog and putting it off because so few people read them and to me, that feels like a failure. However I realised this is my own fault since I don’t talk to people and I don’t tweet at all really. This is because I’m scared people will ignore me or just straight-up not be nice to me…Twitter is full of strange people, weird tweets and unique photos. I’m not going to be afraid to tweet, because it might well make things easier for me, and I might even make some friends in the process! I also realised the amount of people who read my blogs doesn’t matter. I’m doing it for fun and I don’t need to feel so pressured to do well since the only person who is judging me, is me.
  2. Exercise. Exercising makes people feel good about themselves, and although I know it’s unrealistic to expect myself to go the gym or run four times a week, I would like to do some form of exercise at least once a week; whether that’s yoga on my bedroom floor, jogging around the block with my dog or hiking with my dogs. I’m not as such doing it to be fit or healthy, just to feel better.
  3. Stay on top of your goals/tasks. If I do assignments/homework as soon as I get them, it’ll make life much easier and probably make them better quality work anyway since I won’t have rushed it. Also if I know what my goals in life are, it’ll make it easier to keep up with them and it’ll make them more likely to happen sooner.
  4. Ignore negativity. If someone’s moaning that they’re behind on their work, or that their life isn’t going well, don’t let it bring you down or make you feel guilty because you actually finished that work a week ago or you just got a promotion at work. It’s not your place to be ‘behind’ everyone else; of course be sympathetic towards them, but don’t let them guilt you into not being proud of your achievements. They all matter.
  5. Finally, give yourself a break once in a while. Yes, it’s nice to be productive and it’s nice to feel satisfied with the amount of things you’ve got done in a day, but working hard every single day will wipe you out and it’ll make things worse in the long run when you need a week off from college because you’re ill and stressed. Do a few hours of work in a day, then spend the evening relaxing; have a bath, go for a run, bake a cake, watch Netflix aimlessly for hours. Just take the time to relax and breathe once in a while and you’ll feel better for it.

Obviously these are things you’ve probably heard before, and they’re all a lot easier said than done, so it might be a good idea to use something like a gratitude journal to write down successes. It’ll make you feel better and make you notice positive things more.

Good luck this year, may it be the best it can be!

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