Myfurrybookshelf’s YALC Awards 2017

This year’s YALC was great, complete with fun panels, fab authors and busy stalls. I thought, to do something a little different, I would host an awards ceremony for everything at YALC. Enjoy…

20615418_10154870390787333_1290951325_oBest publisher stand – MyKindaBook

Author I was most excited to meet- Sara Barnard

Author I was most nervous to meet – Hannah WittonFile_000 (4)

Funniest author moment – Holly Bourne (when Benedict Cumberbatch walked through the panel)

Best author outfit – Lauren James’ space dress outfit

Best proof giveaway – Penguin stand (The Truth and Lies of Ella Black – Emily Barr)

Stand I spent the most money at – GeekyClean

Best Buffy cosplay – Non Pratt’s Ripper

Best Harry Potter cosplay – Lucy Saxon’s Scorpius Malfoy

Most informative panel – Life Advice

Special Mention – The lady on the Quirk stand who was the only person to recognise me and my mum as Glory/Ben from Buffy and then was super nice to us for the rest of the weekend, Thank you, you made my day partway through a day of having to explain I wasn’t just very overdressed.

Bonus LFCC Awards:



Best celebrity present – Alyson Hannigan

Chattiest celebrity – Alexis Denisof


Best cosplay – Vampire Willow

Best stand – Galloway Fudge

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