A Day In The Life Of…Depression

*This is a very short story based on the typical day of someone with mental health issues and while I have experience with various mental health issues, I can’t speak for everyone and every type of issue. This is purely from my experience. There are three stories and each one goes through the same day just to show the differences between them.*

An incessant beeping wakes me and I stretch to turn it off, whilst yawning. I sit up, feeling suddenly very tired and very much like I’d rather just lie back down again, but when I check my sleep tracker, I see I’ve slept for well over nine hours. How fun? I chuck on the first outfit I find; a pair of leggings along with a baggy hoodie. It’ll do.

Walking to the bus, I feel every step as the sun burns into my brain via my eyes. Everything aches and I don’t entirely know why I’m going to college, other than the fact I sort of have to. The bus is loud so I just sit in the first seat I find and then put my earphones in. I sit in silence and wait for the bus to get to college, still unsure why I’m bothering.

College is loud as usual and although I have a couple of friends there that speak to me, I don’t really talk to them. I spend the morning quiet, looking forward to my next opportunity to sleep, while we have our work given back to us. I honestly don’t worry about whether I’ve passed it, or whether there’s anything I need to redo, because what’s the point in caring loads?

Once I’m home, I get to do the thing I’ve been looking forward to all day; walk my dog. I take him out for a couple of hours and spend time training him to weave between my legs and spend time cuddling him. It’s nice and peaceful and the fresh air helps me to feel relaxed and I enjoy it. Dogs are just about the only thing that makes me feel anything at all.

That night, I know I should have a shower but the effort is just too much and it doesn’t happen. I also don’t eat because I don’t have the motivation for that either so I just head straight to bed early. I fall asleep quite quickly huddled under about three layers of blankets.

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