Goodbye 2017!

I haven’t been blogging a whole lot this year and I have my reasons but they’re not great reasons… Up until June, I was busy with lots of college work, work experience and various fundraising things. In March, I got a part time job with Dogs Trust and so I spent every weekend there. I then got a full time job there in October and so have been busy with that. I figured since I rarely blogged, I would give you a quick list of good things about 2017 before we move onto the obligatory New Year’s Resolutions.

First off, I got my job?!? That was the highlight of my year; I get to work with amazing people who care about these amazing dogs and I get to do amazing things with them! I do lots of training and socialising with them and spent nearly every day with these beautiful dogs. I’ll insert some photos at the end for you to enjoy.

Second, I got a car and passed my driving test! I failed my first driving test back in November but managed to pass it the second time around in December! I bought my car in August and am now fully legal to drive it on my own, wherever I want. I never thought I’d have the confidence to drive and I’m genuinely super proud that I’ve managed it!

Third, I’ve been more social. Since I work with very like-minded people who are all a little awkward with social skills, I’ve learnt to deal with my anxieties better and am now much more open about it and therefore am pushing myself more. I went ice-skating for the first time the day before yesterday!

Forth, my opinion of myself has changed so much since I was at college, and definitely since I was at school. I’m still shy and insecure but I can see myself a little clearer now. I feel a lot more confident at work (I’ve been working with the more intense, more ‘difficult’ dogs) and that’s made me more confident even in other areas. As I said, my people skills have increased immensely! Before, I worked in a shop and it was horrendous/I was horrendous. Now, I’m able to speak to anyone and I can just switch it on without really thinking about it! It’s fab!

Finally, I’ve decided to publish some New Year’s Resolutions – partly to inspire other people, partly just to share but mostly to make me do them! Here they are;
I aim to:

  • Take a course in dog behaviour
  • Do more grooming at work
  • Have a MASSIVE clearout and reorganise my room!
  • Do some more scary things eg; go out, go to a gym class, ride a horse
  • Read AT LEAST two books a month, ideally three
  • Actually use Instagram
  • Get my project dog at work a home
  • Move out by Christmas
  • Eat less junk
  • Have more ‘me’ time

Hopefully I’ll manage at least a couple of them, and next year, I can look back on this and see whether I managed it!

Have a great year and never stop pursuing what you want; you can do anything you want to!

Charlotte xo

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