MyFurryBookShelf Expansion Pack

So, I’m expanding my blog’s focus. That’s my news. How exciting, right? Allow me to explain.

Lately (for around a year), I’ve been struggling to stay motivated to keep reading books. For some reason, reading for a blog post makes it harder for me to want to read. I go through phases where I’ll read so many books and then I won’t read one for six months, so I no longer see the point in being a blog focused on book reviews.

For that reason, I will now be uploading more regularly but on a wider variety of subjects, namely dogs to be honest. Hopefully, they’ll be interesting and people might find them useful for teaching their dogs new tricks etc etc.

I know this is a short post, but I don’t see a reason to write a lengthy explanation when I can just upload more blogs which will illustrate my point better than I’d word it. Of course I’ll still review books, but what with working and potentially doing a degree next year (shh), I’m going to struggle to read that often.

There are good things to come;

Stay Tuned.

MFBS xoxo