Top 10 Disney Animals

We all have our favourite films and for a lot of people, Disney features somewhere up there (especially if you have small children!). I love Disney films and I always have, but with this blog being primarily books and animals, I thought it was only right to talk about my favourite Disney animals because often they’re overlooked and it’s the main characters or the villains who get all the attention. So, here we go!

10. Tantor the elephant (Tarzan) is great because I think everyone can relate to a fear of something, but he seems to have a fear of everything! Despite being the biggest land mammal in the world, he is afraid of everything in the jungle he lives in. However, with a little help from his friends, his confidence does grow over time.

9. Peg the pekingese (Lady and the Tramp) is just so fabulous and she knows it. Her hair is glamorous and even the way she speaks is sophisticated and puts her above many of the other animals in the story. Not to mention the beautiful song which is “He’s a Tramp”!

8. Dory the blue tang (Finding Nemo) just had to be on this list since she’s adored by everyone and is making a huge comeback with the release of Finding Dory earlier this year. She’s funny, she’s brave and she’s very friendly and her popularity is only increased by the fact she’s voiced by Ellen Degeneres herself! I feel like if you don’t like Dory, you may not have a heart? Just a theory…

7. Pegasus the winged-horse (Hercules) is great because he’s very proud and moral so he doesn’t like to get dirty, but he is brave and is willing to help to save the day. He’s a funny character and he doesn’t talk (he just makes standard horse noises) but still manages to be very memorable and had a lot of kids owning Pegasus toys!

6. Pascal the chameleon (Tangled) is an interesting character because he too doesn’t speak, but uses a lot of body language to get his points across…He’s completely happy to show his displeasure by mimicking punching someone and is generally quite a feisty little chap!

5. Sebastian the crab (The Little Mermaid) is here because it isn’t really a top ten Disney animals list without him, is it? We all love Sebastian, with his sense of humor, great songs and protective but moral nature. Do I need to even say anything about him? Nah, we all love him.

4. Baloo the bear (The Jungle Book) is just a really fun character; he makes kids laugh with his not-so-bright nature and he makes them smile with his increase in courage when it’s needed to save Mowgli. He’s a true hero because he did things he was scared to do just to save his friend.

3. The Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland) is great. I love him because he’s just so infuriating with his unhelpful advice and he’s hilarious with the jokes he makes and how sarcastic he actually is. Everyone laughs at him, although some very small children can be scared of him since he is arguably quite creepy…

2. Dug the dog (Up) isn’t a particularly big character but he’s still very popular because of his hilarious disposition. He’s very similar to a lot of dogs who react to squirrels in the same way with a sudden change in behaviour/stance and although real dogs can’t talk, since Up, a lot of people will narrate their dogs’ behaviour in the voice of Dug saying things like “SQUIRREL!” when they see something which proves the impact Dug actually had, considering he’s an animated dog.

10. Finally, last but not least, we have Nala the lion (The Lion King) who is just fantastic. She is bold, sassy, honest and feisty and she definitely will not stand for Simba messing around and leaving the pride to Scar. She tells him what he’s doing wrong and she’s a lot of the reason he ends up saving Pride Rock. You have to love Nala, she’s just great okay?

Honorable mentions:

  • Marie the kitten from The Aristocats
  • Abu the monkey from Aladdin
  • Flounder from The Little Mermaid
  • Nana the dog from Peter Pan