The Gifts Any Dog Owner Secretly/Not So Secretly Wants

Many dog owners will agree with me when I say that our dogs are firmly a part of our family. We wouldn’t go on holiday somewhere they couldn’t come with us because we know they would just be stressed in kennels/staying with a friend. We decide what to do every day based on/around the dog walk and we love them. So if someone didn’t know what to get me for my birthday(it’s October 10th by the way…) or for Christmas, it would be easy for them to figure out that something dog-related would make me very happy! I thought I’d put together a list (in no particular order) of products/companies/ideas that are often not considered but would make great gifts and are maybe from smaller businesses that you might not have seen.img_20161010_213324

First off, we have the standard pet portrait, which a lot of people won’t actually think of when thinking of a present for a dog owner, but it makes a perfect gift, and if you’re lucky, they might even cry! Here are a few websites that I know of/know the artist from which do great portraits. The artist from the first website is the one who did the gorgeous portrait of my dog, Hunter!
Kat Compton Pet Portraits Jim Griffiths Pet Portraits Bowwow Dog Portraits

Another great idea for a dog owner is a lovely collar. A beautiful collar is a very20160814_143557 good way to get a ‘doggy’ person to like you because we all appreciate a stunning new collar for our pet pooch. There are plenty online, on Etsy and on eBay, but of course, it’s import
ant to get the right kind/size for the dog. For example, a big old greyhound isn’t going to appreciate a small/narrow, clasp collar as it’ll cut into its neck, but a wide, martingale collar gives it room to pull so there won’t be much pressure (as long as it’s not a ‘pully’ dog) and it won’t dig into its neck. A great place to get dog collars from is PinkFluffyKitty Boutique, which make collars (of various types), leads, snoods, bags, keyrings etc… They also make things for cats, as well as dogs. Here is the link to their website, but they also have a very active Facebook page with a monthly prize draw. Pink Fluffy Kitty Boutique

fb_img_1476827996405Every dog owner has a soft spot for their own dog; they’re more annoyed when they misbehave, they’re more proud when they learn something new or achieve something…wouldn’t it be great if you could give them a gift that meant they could have their dog with them wherever they went? Well, that’s where Specially Made come in. They make a glass bead which will look exactly like your dog, they’ll fit most necklaces (even Pandora/similar, I’m told) and only cost £12. It’s a lovely present and all you’ll need is to send them a clear photo of the dog’s head/face. Please click this link to see their website: Specially Made

A gift, possibly more directed at sighthound owners, although they are very cute, would be a flat hound. It’s a hound sewn together and they’re completely flat, rather than a stuffed toy. This means they can be hung up on the wall etc. They’re well-made and lovely as you can see, of course. They’re made by Haberdash Hounds and the link to their Facebook page is Haberdash Hounds

If the person is a fan of a specific breed, it’s so easy to find beautiful products on websites like Etsy. For example, for a budding author or stationery fanatic who has three labradors, just type in “labrador notebook”or anything similar and you will be amazed! Easy shopping and they are often so stunning that you may regret not ordering one for yourself while you were there!