Meet The Squad! (Furry Friday #1)

It’s our first furry friday and I thought I should introduce the animals which will be involved in the furry fridays. First off, I should explain that me and my family are involved with a Facebook group/charity which helps with various things like rehoming, socialisation, raising awareness and generally a lot of support and advice is given by them. It’s based in Leicester (England) and helps the specific breeds under the “sighthound” banner but there are a few other dogs in the group. Here is a link for those interested:¬†

First off, we have the first dog in the family, our very own Jessie. She’s a patterdale terrier crossed with a border collie (we think!) and we got her from the Dogs Trust in August 2010. Her favourite things are water, tennis balls and food and she’s got a huge personality… She’s a very vocal dog and tends to make little grumbling noises to herself when no one’s even near her but she will also grumble when people are stroking her but she does enjoy it and will make it clear if she isn’t enjoying it. She loves to swim and will also spend hours in water, picking up stones from the bottom of the water and leaving them in a pile by the edge. We don’t know why, she’s just a bit quirky..

Secondly, we have my dog, Hunter who is a saluki/collie lurcher so is basically insane. He’s a year younger than Jessie, he too was from the Dogs Trust and we got him in March 2011. His favourite things are food, running and agility. He likes to chase his friends, but he does prefer to be the one in front winning the race. We think it’s the saluki in him that makes him proud but he is quite a snooty dog. However, he does love to be stroked and hugged and he will often snuggle in further so that it looks like you’re squashing him.¬†

The baby of the family is Shadow the bull lurcher who we rescued directly from the original owners at the age of about eight months. Since then, he’s matured into a beautiful and very obedient/eager to please dog, but he does have severe reactivity problems, which makes walking him difficult because other dogs have to be avoided where possible so that he doesn’t become stressed. His favourite things are cuddles, playtime and running. He’s gradually built up friendship with a few other dogs and he likes to meet up and run with them as well as Hunter. He really does give the best hugs but he also doesn’t realise that his claws hurt, a lot, so that’s a problem sometimes..

These are our guinea pigs, Nutmeg (white) and Fudge (black). You’ll probably mostly see Nutmeg because she seems to enjoy posing and is a lot more relaxed out of the cage than Fudge is. They love to eat, squeak (a lot) and sleep. They really enjoy cucumber and apple and cuddles.

Finally, these are my gerbils, Tom and Jerry. These are rescued from being abandoned and Tom is pretty feisty/aggressive as heck so you probably won’t see much of him either. They love to chew and dig, and Jerry likes to investigate things outside the tank, but Tom prefers the safety of the glass walls around him.

Every month, the last Friday will be Furry Friday, where I’ll tell you what’s been happening with my pets and what they’ve been up to, complete with photos of course!